Meet your July 2018 Feature Farmers Jarrod and Ashley Hittle

Jarrod and Ashley Hittle are the co-owners of Hittle Farms located in Dresden alongside his parents Scott and Susan Hittle. They farm on only 5 acres, but they really make those 5 acres count as they raise 18 different vegetables that they market through their CSA (more on that later!) as well as the Zanesville Farmers Market.


The Hittles love being farmers thanks to the connection they have with their customers; they enjoy the satisfaction knowing that they’re having a hand in feeding their community and the appreciation they receive from their great customer base! Also, Jarrod and Ashley like having a connection to their past; they’re living and working on the same land Jarrod’s great grandparents farmed at the same age they are now. Being able to keep up the tradition and pass it on to their children is so exciting to them.

The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that Hittle Farms offers is what makes them different. They offer shares and subscriptions to the public for purchase and in return, members receive bags of produce, including veggies, chicken and/or eggs, throughout the summer. Order forms for the memberships are usually due in May; see their Facebook page for more information.

During their off season, the Hittle rest, rest and rest some more! Plus, they spend their time planning for the next year’s crops and how to market to the community. And, like most farmers, their biggest challenges are pests, weather and disease.

Jarrod and Ashley find that being Farm Bureau members is beneficial for the voice that it gives them with their local, state and national leaders. And, they appreciate the unique opportunities that are offered for them to learn and network with others around the state to improve their operation.

Thank you Jarrod and Ashley for being such a unique and vital part of our agriculture community!

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