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We live in a complicated world.  We do what we can for ourselves, but so much of what affects our families, jobs and communities is seemingly outside of our control, or more to the point, under the control of politicians and bureaucrats. Today’s guest is uniquely qualified to talk about governance, the economy, national security and host of other big picture issues that we all should be better informed about. Matt Mayer of Opportunity Ohio, joins us, on Town Hall Ohio.

Joe Cornely 

Joe Cornely is senior director of corporate communications for Ohio Farm Bureau.

2 thoughts on “Matt Mayer of Opportunity Ohio on Town Hall Ohio

  1. Avatar Michael Maloney says:

    Yes my name is Michael Maloney I live in Clermont County Ohio
    In Batavia Township Mr. Mayer sounds to me like he’s really hit the nail on the head for the simple reason the county has taken over my life and my wife’s life my whole family‘s life the reason I say this is because on April 1, 2019 they gave my neighbor Miss Deborah Lynn Fite a permit to do WMSC work in her backyard well I should say to give the work to her live-in boyfriend Allen Sheff
    But when Mr. sheath applied for the WMSC permit he basically said I will be working in Deborah‘s backyard there’s two details he left out #1 he did not mention a Easement
    #2 he did not mention a natural water course that has been here for 150 years yes he did do work in Deborah‘s backyard but he did it on the easement and he absolutely destroyed the water course now please before you say this sounds like a civil matter it is
    But more importantly it is a matter of right and wrong he has done so many things wrong starting out by not telling the truth on the application of the permit for the WMSC work he was told last year and this spring the water course is there this is not the proper way to do it But he goes ahead and does it anyway this is more than a comment as you can tell
    It is myself asking for anyone’s help in this matter there’s so much more to the story and I would really appreciate it if someone could get back to me this county right now right this moment is trying to cover up their mistakes I cannot say that it is all Mr. Sheff fault which most of it is but the county new about this natural water course the county new about the easement yet let Debra Lynn bikes live-in boyfriend destroy the watercourse and tear up the easement and now he is diverting water Onto our property this is a cry for anyone out there that feels the same way I do about our president Donald Trump about our Declaration of Independence about the way life should be and not the way it has turned out to be I am an army veteran 11/93 combat engineers panel bridge company I have never ever hurt anyone I have never ever done anything so diabolical like this I’ve heard of it now we are living it and I need to communities help and I would appreciate any type of Farm Bureau‘s help because what they have done is so wrong if they can do it to me they can do it to anyone and that’s not right thank you for your time.
    There is so much more to this story I would be taking up way too much of your time. Thank you again
    Michael Maloney

    1. Lynn Snyder Lynn Snyder says:

      Mr. Maloney, I edited your previous comment to remove specific names and details. Farm Bureau does have a legal staff and those services are for Farm Bureau members. If you want membership information, please visit:

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