Farm Bureau raising funds for Sauder Village project

Sauder Village’s newest initiative is a 1920s Main Street Community. This walk-through time experience, which is already under construction, replicates key businesses along a “main street” community typical of the 1920s.  As you may know, Ohio Farm Bureau, founded in 1919, was hitting its stride in the 1920s, culminating in the foundation of the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company in 1926. We think a Farm Bureau office on Main Street could offer visitors a perspective of our organization’s history and modern relevance.

Sauder Village leadership has presented us with a unique opportunity to fund the creation of the Farm Bureau office on Main Street and we are inviting county Farm Bureaus in the region to help us make this dream a reality. Fulton County Farm Bureau is leading a campaign to raise $60,000 over three years to fund this project.

We are asking Farm Bureau members to contribute $50 or more to this effort. The Ohio Farm Bureau will match the county Farm Bureau contributions up to $15,000. You can choose to donate in one lump sum, or spread the total payment over three years. 

Sauder Village is a statewide destination and we feel Farm Bureau should have a presence there. By combining our dollars from county Farm Bureaus, individual members and Ohio Farm Bureau, we can make this vision a reality.

I’m sure you have questions and we would welcome a follow up discussion. You can view this video to see and hear more about this project. In the meantime, please contact Organization Director Roy Norman at [email protected] or          419-356-0008 for questions.

If you are ready to make a contribution today, please do so by visiting