Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly – A look into Ohio’s Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Ohio was founded in 1802, established in the state constitution as a three-member court, holding courts in each county every year. The constitution also was approved that year, one year before Ohio officially became a state. The court now has seven members — a chief justice and six associate justices — each serving six-year terms and a total of 1550 other employees. On this Our Ohio Weekly, meet two of the justices, Judi French and Sharon Kennedy, and learn about Ohio’s judicial structure and other functions of the highest court in the state.

00:00 – Ohio Supreme Court Justices French and Kennedy talk about Ohio’s Judicial System

23:50 – Ohio teens are “rescuing” food that would otherwise be discarded. Learn about JEE Foods ‘To the Beat of Agriculture’

32:20 – Ohio Farm Bureau leaders were given an opportunity to visit with USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue, via Zoom, to discuss trade, dairy pricing, regulations, labor and more.