Water quality report

Water quality is a Farm Bureau priority issue

Addressing the challenges that threaten water quality is an important priority for Ohio’s agriculture community. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation has released a report detailing its efforts to ensure safe and healthy water for the state.

This Water Quality Status Report, the sixth in a series, shows the strides farmers have made in improving and protecting one of the state’s most valuable resources and that clean water and productive farming can coexist. The report emphasizes actions in the Western Lake Erie Basin and throughout the state.

The latest report highlights the launch of Gov. Mike DeWine’s H2Ohio water quality initiative, the latest research being conducted on the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms, Ohio Farm Bureau Water Quality Grants awarded to county Farm Bureaus to expand research at the local level and the role of the newly developed Ohio Agriculture Conservation Initiative in the state’s ongoing water quality efforts.

The report is available online at farmersforwater.org.

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