Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly: Ohio State studies the climate and agriculture

In light of climate-induced risks and uncertainties like increasing extreme rainfall events and warmer temperatures, a team made up of research, extension, and outreach professionals at The Ohio State University’s School of Environment and Natural Resources are working together to identify how to promote sustainability and resilience in the eastern Corn Belt. They are also trying to understand how farmers can adapt to these changing conditions while supporting both agricultural production and the protection of our critical ecosystem. Learn more about the study on this Our Ohio Weekly.

00:00 – Dr. Robyn Wilson, Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science at Ohio State’s School of Environment and Natural Resources; Dr. Aaron Wilson, Research Scientist at Ohio State’s Byrd Polar & Climate Research Center and Dr. Mary Doidge, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics at McGill University in Montreal discuss their project that focuses on the past and expected future climate conditions and how farmers plan to adapt.

23:50 – After a series of life-changing events while serving as a U.S. soldier, Matt Schaar took his determination and fortitude from the battlefield to the farm fields. Hear his story “To the Beat of Agriculture.”

32:20 – Ohio has a new budget for Fiscal Years 2022-2023. The $74 billion budget checks many of Ohio Farm Bureau’s priority issue boxes. To talk more about the wins for Farm Bureau and Ohio agriculture as a whole in Ohio’s budget is Brandon Kern, Ohio Farm Bureau’s senior director of state and national policy and Jenna Reese, the organization’s director of state policy.

42:20 – American Farm Bureau just released its Summer Cookout Survey to get a gauge on popular Independence Day food prices. AFBF Economist Veronica Nigh has the details.