Ohio Farm Bureau Action Alert – Capital Gains and Stepped-Up Basis

Ohio Farm Bureau has issued an Action Alert, encouraging members to write to their members of Congress today, urging their support for the continued use of stepped-up basis.

Current proposals in Washington, D.C. would eliminate stepped-up basis, double capital gains tax rates and charge a new capital gains tax at death on the appreciation of assets like farmland. These proposals will crush family farms and small businesses throughout Ohio and across the country, all in the name of raising revenue for more government spending.

For some background, a new Legal with Leah podcast has been released. Leah Curtis, Ohio Farm Bureau’s policy counsel, explains what stepped-up basis is and how it is used when taxing capital gains, as well as what the implications of these changes in the tax code would be for agriculture.

Farms are often kept in the family for many years. Tracking the appreciation of land and equipment over a period of decades would be extremely complex, and the value of land is likely to have increased so much that without stepped-up basis the next generation of farmers and ranchers could be forced to sell the land just to pay the taxes. 

Member messages are important to not let this happen. This proposal and possible exemptions for farms are being considered now. Take action and write to your lawmakers today. Here is a direct link to Farm Bureau’s Stepped-Up Basis Action Alert.

Thank you for your time and effort for this important issue.